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USS Colorado (SSN 788)

USS Colorado is the 15th Virginia class submarine. Construction started in March 2012 at Electric Boat Shipyard in Groton, Connecticut and she was delivered to the Navy on September 21, 2017. She was Commissioned at Naval Submarine Base in Groton on March 17, 2018. Her Ship's Sponsor is Ms. Annie Mabus. She is the fourth ship to bear the name Colorado.


The Association is organized to maintain a proud and active relationship between the citizens of Colorado and the crew and families of USS Colorado (SSN 788), specifically to:

  • Support the morale, well-being and recreation of the crew and their families.
  • Encourage, advocate, and generate statewide support for the crew of USS Colorado throughout the life of the submarine and to educate the citizens of Colorado about their namesake submarine.
  • Educate the crew about the beauty of Colorado and the heritage of previous vessels commissioned as USS Colorado.
  • Raise funds and finance appropriate events and activities associated with these objectives.


  • 04/11/2020 10:17 | Anonymous

    Happy 120th Submarine Birthday to USS Colorado, all submariners and their supporters! Here is a special message from VADM Caudle, Commander Submarine Forces.


  • 03/31/2020 21:09 | Anonymous

    CDR Storz' first underway as Commanding Officer of USS Colorado.

  • 03/27/2020 11:01 | Anonymous

     In search of all things Colorado. This picture   was recently forwarded to us by the Chairman of   the USS Minnesota Committee (many thanks   Brian!) who noticed this helm from battleship   USS Colorado (BB45) in Norfolk, Virginia. It is   located in the boathouse that serves the   Admiral’s Barge on Naval Station Norfolk. We of   course know of two others, one located at the   University Memorial Center at CU Boulder and   the other at the Pioneers Museum in Colorado   Springs.

  • 03/26/2020 20:58 | Anonymous

    Congratulation to Captain Jason Geddes. Commander Submarine Forces recently announced that he has been selected for major command as Commanding Officer of USS Michigan (SSGN 727) Blue. MICHIGAN is one of the original Ohio Class submarines and has been converted to a guided missile submarine.

  • 03/17/2020 20:27 | Anonymous

    March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day, marks the 2nd Anniversary of USS Colorado being placed in Commission. Ceremonies were held that day in 2018 at Pier 6 at the Naval Submarine Base. About 2,000 persons attended on a brisk but sunny day. The principal speaker was Senator Cory Gardner of Colorado and the ceremony was attended by then Governor John Hickenlooper and Senator Michael Bennet. Ken Jones, a WWII veteran of Battleship Colorado (BB45), passed the traditional long glass to the oncoming watch. Five others of his shipmates were in attendance. Retired Colonel Andy Meverden, former Chaplain of Colorado National Guard, gave the Invocation and Benediction. The color guard was from the Widefield High School NJROTC unit in Colorado Springs. The ship was placed in Commission by ADM Frank Caldwell, Director of Navy Nuclear Reactors, and Ship’s Sponsor, Annie Mabus. 

  • 03/06/2020 12:28 | Anonymous

    In Ceremonies held today at Dealey Center Theater on the Naval Submarine Base in Groton, Capt. Jason Geddes was relieved as Commanding Officer of USS Colorado (SSN 788) by Cdr. Garth Storz.


  • 03/05/2020 10:25 | Anonymous

    It was an honor and privilege to attend USS Colorado's awards ceremony today acknowledging the accomplishments of individual crew members on their recently completed deployment. Ten members of the association were in attendance. Association President Don Price presented a letter of congratulations signed by Governor Polis and the entire Colorado Congressional delegation. Commanding Officer Jason Geddes presented the Association with a plaque in appreciation for our support. The Association also presented each member of the crew with a special coin commemorating the boat's maiden deployment.

  • 02/21/2020 09:40 | Anonymous

    Several Members of the USS Colorado Submarine Association have traveled from Colorado and elsewhere to greet the crew on their arrival.

  • 02/20/2020 09:23 | Anonymous

    The Virginia-class fast-attack submarine USS Colorado (SSN 788) returned from its maiden deployment to its homeport at Naval Submarine Base New London in Groton, Connecticut, Feb. 20.

  • 01/25/2020 13:05 | Anonymous

    Received some pictures from the COB. Here is an excerpt of the email that accompanied the pictures:

    All is well from the deep. The last underway was a bit long for our tastes, but the men killed it on a daily basis, honing their skills and raising the bar tactically for the rest of the fleet to aspire to. Very proud of the men and their efforts as Steely-eyed Warriors of the Deep! Additionally, although our port calls have been few and far between, the men have represented the Navy and the State of Colorado
    on liberty as exemplary ambassadors, worthy of praise by John Q. Public. The TRIAD couldn’t be happier with their professional demeanor and outstanding performance both onboard and out in town. I sleep a little easier at night as a result. :-)

    Our Halfway Day celebration was delayed a couple of weeks due to operations, but the crew came out in force participating in many morale-building events. It was filled with crazy events (I even died my hair and beard to show the crew they could "let loose" a little; they were VERY surprised at the sight! All in all, the crew enjoyed a relaxing day of fun, which was much-deserved and needed. Of note, we had junior Sailors posing as acting “CO for the day” (along with XO, COB, and the 4 Department Heads, with full access to the Wardroom for meals).

    Sincerely (and on behalf of the TRIAD),



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